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About Peppe's

“We want to make sure that everybody who sits down in our restaurant has a great time and thoroughly enjoys their food.”


Italian cuisine is cooked with passion and served to perfection at Peppe’s of Malvern, an exquisite, family friendly restaurant with the Mediterranean in it's soul.

There has been an Italian restaurant here for over 20 years, catering to those who love the fresh, tasty classics of the Italian tradition. It has been especially popular with the early evening clientele calling in to enjoy a beautiful meal before going on to be entertained at the Malvern Theatres, a two minutes’ walk away.

Now the restaurant is under the sole ownership of former business partner, chef Peppe Pantaleo.

Sicilian Influences

At Peppe’s of Malvern, we love to  delight our diners with a Sicilian twist to our menu.

Peppe himself is Sicilian. Most of the team also hail from the fabulous island off the toe of Italy which has its own culinary heritage.

Peppe says: “We serve all the Italian classics like Bolognese, tagliatelle and carbonara but these are backed up with our other favourites which really highlight our Sicilian influences.”

Your way

Peppe’s of Malvern also caters for people wanting special diets. Vegetarians, vegans and people with food allergies or intolerances can eat tasty Italian fare with none of their particular nasties anywhere near, thanks to the flexibility of our chefs in using alternative ingredients.

“If people have any specific requirements we welcome them to speak to us beforehand and we will do our very best to accommodate. We have spent along time considering our menu for all people and working to make it one of the most dieatary friendly menus in Malvern”

“We want to make sure that everybody who sits down in our restaurant has a great time and thoroughly enjoys their food.”
Peppes Italian Restaurant Malvern Logo
Peppe's, independent Italian restaurant, Malvern.

Serving delicious, freshly prepared dishes inspired by Italian, Mediterranean and Sicilian influences. Providing a relaxed and friendly environment. Catering for many dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available.
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